What is Puss Collective?

Puss Collective is the feminist performance project of Libby Emmons, Ali Ayala, Michele Travis, Michele O'Brien and Jacquetta Szathmari. Our devised, radical feminist dark comedies skewer American culture and its underpinnings.  Each of us has a strong arts background, and a broad scope of knowledge, theatrical and performance experience.

We’re pissed, we’re potent, and we’re packing pages.
— Puss Collective

A Brief HistoRy

While our collaboration began with the Sticky short play series, Puss & Puss was formed to present the shared artistic and socio-political vision of Libby Emmons and Ali Ayala. In our plays, we take on our alter egos, become our bizzarro selves, and use these personas to question the underpinnings of contemporary, commonly held societal beliefs. The result is that we show, unequivocally, that these perspectives are based in the shifting sand of emotion, and not on a system of standards or well thought out beliefs. These past, Puss & Puss projects include “Animal/Animal,” presented in Sticky, published by Smith & Krause, “AutoMoron,” Stickies in NYC, Normal, IL, Kingston, NY, & the LES Festival, “Gettin’ Killed!” about that time we got shot at in a Cretan monastery. Our signature work, “How to Sell Your Gang Rape Baby for Parts,” won the coveted Most Offensive Award at Jacquetta Szathmari’s Festival of the Offensive (F-Off), and went on to be directed by Michele Travis, stage managed by Michele O’Brien, in the Frigid Festival.

When we came up with the idea for #FriendBox, we knew we needed more than Puss & Puss, we needed a whole collective. We reached out to trusted collaborators with keen eyes on culture and complementary skills, and got to work. We’ve been in development for several months, and we have a killer script. We can hardly wait to start experimenting, and bringing new collaborators (Composers! Arrangers! Performers! Designers!), into a dedicated space.